My name is Bobby Russell. The "K" in the URL stands for "Kenneth."

So I guess technically my name is "Bobby Kenneth Russell."
Well technically it's "Robert Kenneth Russell", but I go by "Bobby"
I tried to buy "BobbyRussell.com", it's for sale for $95,000 but I'm a little short right now, so hence the URL "BobbyKRussell.com"

I helped start Brother Moto but now I mostly am a brand development manager and musician living in Atlanta. I love building brands. 

I  also work with Sean Curran and the Canopy Sessions. We make great music with friends. 

Other Clients

Walt Disney  
Hollywood Records
Passion Conferences
Breauxs Cooking Machines
Loco Cookers
Sony Productions
Six Steps Records
Tooth and Nail Records
Paste Magazine
Jezebel Magazine
Catalyst Conferences
North Point Ministries
BIG Studio

 This is me on a Motorcycle in California.

This is me on a Motorcycle in California.